Devnet, a subsidiary of SVS Telekom, is a research and development company which mainly focuses on the develepment of broadcasting devices like antenna controllers, switchers, high power amplifier controllers, network management systems that monitors and controls the devices on an uplink line.

We have interaction with all of the required technologies even for different platforms for an electromechanic product during our research and development process through our hardware and software team.

We have experience on the following specific technological fields.

  • Mechanical Control
  • RF Communication
  • Auto Pointing Systems
  • Tracking Systems
  • Sensor Systems

We design and test electronic boards, mechanical systems, research, find and test new hardware equipments for our new generation products, develop our own testing devices for our main products. We use embedded Linux and Windows for our hardware, develop low-level software drivers for our hardware on both platforms, develop PC control softwares again both on Linux and Windows and also web based control softwares.

Some of our products are supported by TUBITAK, government’s national science and technology institution.


With new developments, It is possible to make auto-pointing in Ka-Band antennas with SVS Satellite Systems antenna controller AKS250. The standard AKS250 controller natively includes a tuner for Ku-Band antennas. With the new arrangements on the firmware and hardware of the device and a new mechanical design on the antenna , from now on, it supports Ka-Band antennas using Viasat Tooway modem.

The SVSAT 78-KA motorised antenna system is a reliable choice for your mobile contribution applications for broadcasters, telecom operators, and production companies. It also matches with the need of Oil & Gas Industry, Military Communications and Disaster recovery applications. Whenever and wherever you need instant broadband data communications and a powerful antenna system with a strong structure, The SVSAT 78-KA motorised antenna system helps you provide immediate access to satellite and makes Video&Voice over IP, file transfer, e-mail or web browsing, and high-speed access possible in Ka Band.


Antenna Controller


DSNG Controller

NMS Software Design

Motorized Flyaway

Tuner Module Design

HPA Controller



  • Hardware Development
  • Hardware Architecture Design
  • Circuit Design
  • PCB Design
  • Digital Design (VHDL)
  • Linux BSP Development
  • Linux Driver Development
  • Firmware Development
  • Architecture Design
  • C, C++
  • 8,16,32 Bit Microcontrollers
  • Embedded Linux
  • Low-Level Programming
  • RTOS
  • Software Development
  • HTML5, CSS
  • Javascript, JQuery
  • NMS
  • MS SQL Server, SQL
  • GUI Development For Web
  • Software Development
  • Linux, Mono
  • C++
  • Python,C#.NET
  • Android
  • Embedded Systems
  • GUI Development For Desktop
  • CTO
  • Project Management
  • Owner
  • CEO